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Retailer Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Konges Sløjd ApS

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to all B2B-business with Konges Sløjd A/S. The conditions are updated in March 2021.


Konges Sløjd A/S
Kuglegårdsvej 13-17, Building 13, 1434 Copenhagen, Denmark

CVR: 36718714

Tel.: + 45 70 60 51 01

Monday – Thursday 09:00-16:00 Friday 09:00-15:00

Acceptance of the Terms

These Terms shall apply to the extent that no other written agreement is made between Konges Sløjd and Retailer. Any general terms and conditions of Retailer shall not apply to orders placed at Konges Sløjd.


All prices are excl. VAT and other applicable taxes, tolls, customs charges and tariffs. Prices are subject to rising prices of materials, work wage and legislative changes, unless other written agreement is stated. Fixed prices are only applicable during the periods set out in terms of acceptance and delivery deadline.

Retention of title

Konges Sløjd retains all title to the products until the order has been fully paid for by Retailer.

Marketing and advertising

Only Konges Sløjd’s authorized materials (including product texts) and pictures shall be used for advertising and sale of the products. Authorized materials and pictures are available on the B2B Portal:

Retailer shall not be entitled to use own pictures etc. of Konges Sløjd’s products for the advertising and sale of the products unless Konges Sløjd has granted consent. Konges Sløjd can request that the Retailer removes any pictures that are not authorised and updates its advertising and website with current pictures from Konges Sløjd.

The authorised materials and pictures must be used for advertising and sale of the products only.

Retailer must at all times comply with Konges Sløjd’s instructions regarding the advertising of the products, including presentation in Retailer’s web shop, Retailer shall at all times adhere to guidelines stipulated by Konges Sløjd and as updated from time to time, including the guidelines for marketing on social media.

It is Retailer’s sole responsibility that all advertising complies with national legislation.

Retailer shall at all times respect a launch date communicated by Konges Sløjd and shall refrain from any marketing activity before the permitted date and shall refrain from effecting any sale before the relevant launch date.

Retailer shall at all times state any applicable products certificates, approvals and other materials relating product safety.

If Retailer does not comply with this clause related to advertising, Konges Sløjd reserves its right to end the business relationship with Retailer immediately.

Retailer’s product range

Konges Sløjd have created a quality-conscious universe for children’s clothing, accessories and interior decoration. Products delivered to the Buyer are to be sold in the agreed upon shop/shops and/or website. Retailer shall only be allowed to sell other products that are within the same range, i.e. products for children and similar, or compatible herewith in Konges Sløjd’s opinion. If Retailer does not comply herewith, Konges Sløjd reserves its right to end the business relationship with Retailer immediately. Furthermore, Konges Sløjd reserves the right to repurchase Retailer’s remaining stock of Konges Sløjd products at cost price. All freight costs related hereto shall be held by Retailer.

Retailer’s store and online appearance

Konges Sløjd is a Scandinavian brand that stands for quality, functionality and simplicity. If Konges Sløjd deems, at its sole discretion, that Retailer’s store and online appearance does not satisfy Konges Sløjd’s standards relating to appearance and overall image of the Konges Sløjd brand, Konges Sløjd may immediately end the business relationship with Retailer. If Retailer has caused any damage to the goodwill and image of the Konges Sløjd brand, Konges Sløjd reserves its rights to make claims towards Retailer Furthermore, Konges Sløjd reserves the right to repurchase Retailer’s remaining stock of Konges Sløjd products at cost price. All freight costs related hereto shall be held by Retailer.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights related to the products belong to Konges Sløjd. Retailer shall not obtain any intellectual property rights whatsoever in and relating to the products. Retailer shall not make any alteration or addition to the design, construction or specification of the products or their packaging without the consent of Konges Sløjd.

If Retailer becomes aware of any potential infringement of Konges Sløjd’s intellectual property rights, Retailer must notify Konges Sløjd immediately.


Orders are final when Konges Sløjd confirms Retailer’s order by sending an order confirmation unless Retailer objects to the order confirmation within 8 days. Hereafter, Retailer cannot cancel, change or postpone the order without a written agreement from Konges Sløjd.

Any changes or cancellations regarding the order between the Retailer and Konges Sløjd will only be accepted if these are addressed in writing within 8 working days after receiving the order confirmation. If no changes from the Retailers side are addressed within the 8 working days the order is deemed final and confirmed. Konges Sløjd has the right to claim a fee of 30% of the total amount of the order excluding VAT, if changes or cancellations are requested after the orders is deemed final and confirmed.

Konges Sløjd remains the right to cancel a pre-order and apply 30% cancellation fee, once the delivery window is overdue and the Retailer has failed clearing its outstanding or before end of delivery window.

Minimum orders (apply unless agreed otherwise in writing by Konges Sløjd Aps):

Within European Union

Spring Summer: €3.000

High Summer: €2.500

Autumn Winter Outerwear: €2.500

Autumn Winter Collection: €3.000

Christmas: €2.500

Outside European Union

Spring Summer: €3.500

High Summer: €3.000

Autumn Winter Outerwear: €3.000

Autumn Winter Collection: €3.500

Christmas: €3.000

China and Japan

Spring Summer: €5.000

High Summer: €4.000

Autumn Winter Outerwear: €4.000

Autumn Winter Collection: €5.000

Christmas: €4.000

Ordering from stock is only available through the B2B Portal for customers with running pre-orders.

The Cloud Mobiles have to be ordered in a minimum of 20 pieces. You are allowed to mix the colours (e.g. 5 pieces of 4 different colours). Clothing must be ordered by a minimum of 2 pieces in every size and colour. All our other styles must be ordered in a minimum of 6 pieces.

The process of an order:

  • Retailer places order

  • Retailer receives order confirmation

  • Konges Sløjd packs order

  • Retailer receives prepayment inquiry

  • Retailer pays prepayment inquiry

  • Konges Sløjd ships order

  • Retailer receives shipment



Konges Sløjd ships all orders. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all shipping is done at Retailer’s expense and risk. Every effort is made to find the cheapest shipping cost. These costs are not negotiable. Any customs charges are at the expense of the Retailer.

Delivery is approximately set to 5 times annually from Konges Sløjd. The order confirmation indicates the applicable delivery window(s).

Konges Sløjd takes reservation for delays of the goods and is not liable for any delays. Delays in delivery does not entitle Retailer to cancel the order until after a writing inquiry is sent to Konges Sløjd to justify the matter – and only after Konges Sløjd fails at delivering within a reasonable time.

If Retailer causes delay in the delivery, the time of delivery will be extended in circumstances deemed reasonable.

Force majeure

All force majeure events shall, for the duration of and to the extent of the effects caused by such disturbances, release Konges Sløjd from the performance of its contractual obligations affected.

Force majeure includes events such as war, riots, civil unrest, pandemics, government intervention, strike, lockout, export and / or import restrictions, missing, incomplete or delayed deliveries from suppliers, labour shortages, currency restrictions, lack of transportation or any other reason, which are beyond Konges Sløjd’s control, which has the effect of delaying or preventing the production and delivery of goods.

If one or more of the above circumstances temporarily prevents timely delivery, delivery time is postponed for the period force majeure exists. If delivery is prevented for a period longer than three months, Konges Sløjd is entitled to cancel the placed order without being liable towards Retailer.

Defects and complaints from customers

Konges Sløjd products are of high quality in terms of material, tolerance and processing.

If shortcomings in the delivered goods are detected within a year, Konges Sløjd may at its sole discretion decide whether to credit Retailer for the returned defective goods, which shall be returned at the expense of Retailer. The aforementioned obligations require Retailer to collect minimum 5 claims from its customers and complain in writing to Konges Sløjd. Retailer shall be obliged to obtain the defective goods from the customers complaining and shall forward the defective goods with a description of the claim to Konges Sløjd.

Konges Sløjd is not liable for errors or defects attributable to improper handling, transport, storage, assembly or otherwise misconduct by anyone other than Konges Sløjd, or for unusual or usual wear and tear.


Payment terms are stated in the invoice. All orders are paid upfront and all orders will be packed and shipped once the payment is received. When goods are ready to be shipped, Retailer will receive a prepayment inquiry. If payment is not made in due time, the order will be cancelled by Konges Sløjd.

Product recalls

Retailer is obliged to use its best efforts to assist Konges Sløjd in case of product recalls. This involves all reasonable steps necessary for contacting customers that have bought products subject to recall. Retailer must take such steps immediately after being notified of recalled products by Konges Sløjd. Retailer is not entitled to any reimbursements for Retailer’s assistance in connection with product recalls. The Retailer shall keep sufficient records of its sale of Konges Sløjd products to enable a recall procedure.


Konges Sløjd total aggregate liability towards Retailer is limited to the purchase amount of the relevant order. This also includes damages arising from personal caused by Konges Sløjd’s products to the extent permitted by law.

Konges Sløjd is not liable for damages on the items caused by defects in the delivered product.

Konges Sløjd is only liable for direct losses. Konges Sløjd is not liable for any indirect losses or consequential losses, including, but not limited to, operating losses, loss of future profit or loss of goodwill or image.

Furthermore, Konges Sløjd disclaims the liability for Konges Sløjd products to which manufactured materials by a third party is added,unless the damage is attributable to the product made by Konges Sløjd.

Retailer’s complaints and return of goods

Any errors or shortcomings in the supply of Konges Sløjd must be claimed within 10 days after such is detected.

It is Retailer’s duty to display how the error manifests itself. In case Retailer discovers errors, Konges Sløjd is to be contacted through the complaint list of at least 5 items with item numbers, complaint reason and the price of the goods.

All complaints must be approved by Konges Sløjd and the goods must be returned to:


Textile Logistics

Hi Park 441c

DK-7400 Herning


ATT: Konges Sløjd


Returns must be informed in writing and approved by an employee of Konges Sløjd.

  • Unauthorized returns: If returns are made from the Retailer without the knowledge of Konges Sløjd, will Konges Sløjd reserve the right to charge handling fees to the Retailer

  • Denied delivery by the Retailer will be understood as unauthorized return, and cancellation fees may be applicable.

  • In case of incorrect delivery, the Retailer must inform in writing an employee of Konges Sløjd no later than 8 working days after receiving the goods. After this day no returns will be accepted.

Note: For retailers outside Denmark, pictures and complaints can be send by email for Konges Sløjd’s assessment.

Complaints regarding errors and defects are always assessed against the condition of the products before usage. Complaints will not be accepted if Retailer or Retailer’s customer has caused the defect. Retailer will only receive a refund if there are significant defects in the products.

Law and venue

The Terms and the parties’ business relationship shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law, disregarding CISG and the Danish choice of law rules.

Any dispute between the parties arising out of or in connection with these Terms and the parties’ business relationship or any agreement made pursuant hereto, shall be by the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court.



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